Top 7 Zbrush Courses for Beginners From Zero

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Top 7 Zbrush Courses for Beginners From Zero

Top 7 Zbrush Courses for Beginners from Zero

Zbrush is a versatile digital sculpting program that is based on a simulated sculpting process. Today let’s take a look at the top 7 best courses to learn how to model 3D characters in Zbrush from scratch.

Specialists with knowledge of this program are in demand in the film industry, animation and computer game creation. Salary at the initial stage is ~ 40,000 (according to the resource Specialists with experience and a rich portfolio can apply for a salary of 100,000.


  • 3D modeling in ZBrush by SkillBox
  • Zbrush: a basic course from RealTime
  • Zbrush courses for everyone from ZBrushSchool
  • Zbrush course from absolute zero to PRO on Udemy
  • ZBrush – 3D Sculpting from CGTarian
  • A course on creating your first 3D model in Zbrush from SchoolXYZ (free)
  • Zbrush basics by Georgy Novoselov

3D Modeling in Zbrush by SkillBox

The program involves two months of classes and consists of 52 online video lessons. Practical tasks for consolidation of the studied material are based on real cases. Experienced mentors will help and guide you during the studies. The final project is creation of detailed 3D dragon. After defense of the project students get a diploma from SkillBox.

🕙 Duration: 2 months.
💰 Cost: from 18 000.
💵 Installment: from 1,500/month for 12 months.
✔️ Certificate: available.

During the course, you will learn what digital sculpting is and what features the ZBrush software provides (ZSpheres, ZSketch, Inflate, Extract, Subtool, Subdivision functions, etc.). Learn to create detailed animated characters with realistic facial expressions, clothing and environments. Learn to use solid modeling tools, rendering and high-speed sculpting.

Zbrush: a basic course from RealTime

Weekend Express Course: classes take place on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 10pm (with short breaks between lessons). Over two days we provide theoretical knowledge with a demonstration of the techniques and methods of working in the program. Knowledge of other modeling programs (e.g., 3ds Max or Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D or Photoshop) and plastic modeling skills are desirable for successful mastering of the program. Practical and homework assignments are not provided.

🕙 Duration: 2 days.
💰 Cost: from 16 000.
💵 Installments: from1,333/month.
✔️ Certificate: available.

You will learn the features and applications of the ZBrush program, its features in comparison to other programs designed for modeling. You will be shown how basic shapes are built, how to work with masks and brushes, and how to create individual details using various tools (Alpha map, ShadowBox, Z-Skethc, and Extract). You’ll learn about texturing and unwrapping, and how to work with materials, light, and colors. Learn how to set up rendering.

Zbrush courses for everyone from ZBrushSchool

The course is suitable for people with different levels of beginner skills. The program consists of 12 video lectures, classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Online support is provided for attendees. Homework to reinforce the theoretical material. On the site you can take a test on the Zbrush level.

🕙 Duration: 1,5 months.
💰 Cost: from 20 000.
💵 Installment: none.
✔️ Certificate: check at registration.

During your studies, you will learn how to use Dynamesh, Extraction, Panelloops, ZRemesher, ZModeler, etc. functions. Master texturing, masks and lighting systems, work with references and sweep. Learn to work with materials, brushes, and complex objects. You will be able to export models and maps, check them and prepare them for printing.

Zbrush course from absolute zero to PRO on Udemy

Author’s course from game developer Denis Ovsyannikov doesn’t require any basic knowledge and will suit even those who have no experience in digital sculpting. The program consists of theoretical and practical parts. Theoretical part includes 11 video-lessons, practical part consists of 40 video-lessons with step-by-step instructions how to create a training model.

🕙 Duration: 13.5 hours of video content.
💰 Cost: from 999.
💵 Installment: none.
✔️ Certificate: available.

After taking the course, you will be able to easily understand the program interface and find the necessary functions. Master methods and techniques of working with masks and brushes, character coloring and creation of small details. Learn to use Dynamesh, Sculptris Mode, ZRemesher, ZSphere and LiveBoolean. The result of the training will be to create a 3D character from scratch.

ZBrush – 3D Sculpting by CGTarian

The six-month training program includes 24 video tutorials, 24 online meetings with a tutor, and a video homework breakdown. You’ll also have access to over 300 videos and reviews on file. New groups start every 3 months. A computer with at least 8GB of RAM and a GeForce or Radeon video card of 2GB or more is required for training.

🕙 Duration: 6 months.
💰 Cost: from 720 euros.
💵 Installment: from 130 euros.
✔️ Certificate: available.

During the training you will get acquainted with the full cycle of model creation: from the search for an idea to the final visualization. You will learn what plastic anatomy is, how to work with proportions and stylization of characters. Learn 3D concept, sculpting, HardSurface modeling, texturing and retopology, map baking and rendering.

Course on creating your first 3D model in Zbrush by SchoolXYZ (free)

An initial free mini-course to get you familiarized with Zbrush software. After registration you get access to all the lectures and the discord server (community where you can ask questions and discuss your work). During the training, additional materials will also become available. Students who have completed the course get a discount on Styl training.

🕙 Duration: 1 week.
💰 Cost: free of charge.
✔️ Certificate: none.

The mini course will allow you to master the program interface (switching modes, navigation, saving, hotkeys, etc.) and basic tools (primitives, brushes, moving objects). You will learn how to work with different brushes: edit geometry, select polygons, divide meshes into semi-groups. You will be shown how to use all the tools on one particular task.

Zbrush basics by Georgy Novoselov

George Novoselov’s author’s course is suitable for beginners and also for the masters of 3D modeling who want to learn new program. The program is as close as possible to work on real cases. The course includes four extensive video lectures. After lectures, it is necessary to do homework, which will be analyzed by the teacher. At the end of the course students will do a term paper.

🕙 Duration: 1 month.
💰 Cost: from 15 000 .
💵 Installment: none.
✔️ Certificate: available.

You will learn individual Zbrush program settings and various modeling techniques. You will learn how to work with brushes, highlight and hide objects, detail sculpting, control color and render with Marmoset Toolbag. Get the skills to finalize your work in Photoshop and present your models.