Learning Adobe After Effects From Scratch: Top 7 Best Courses

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Learning Adobe After Effects From Scratch: Top 7 Best Courses

Learning Adobe After Effects from scratch: Top 7 Best Courses

Adobe After Effects is a professional program with which you can edit video footage, create and edit animations, dynamic images, create stylish slideshows, visual effects, etc. Today, let’s take a look at the top 7 best online courses where you can get training in After Effects editor from scratch.


  • After Effects from Zero to PRO from Skillbox
  • Super After Effects 2 from VideoSmile
  • Motion design faculty from GeekBrains
  • The profession of motion designer in 2D and 3D from Contented
  • The Motion Designer Profession from Skillbox
  • 2D and 3D motion designer from Netology
  • After Effects basics from Udemy

After Effects from Zero to PRO from Skillbox

Extensive training course covers all aspects of working in the editor. The lessons are developed by video designer and 3D animator Dmitry Chernenko. He worked as a designer at Beta Digital Production for 10 years. Besides payment in installments you get one more bonus – 2 months of free English for Business.

🕙 Duration: 2 months.
💰 Cost: from 21,000 .
💵 Installments: from 1,750 /month.
✔️ Certificate: yes.

After you finish training you can work almost anywhere, because you’ll get skills of working with layers, creating special effects, video editing, superimposing virtual objects on video. You will be able to do color correction of scenes, control the brightness and sharpness of the picture, animate objects created from scratch: to move along a given path, the key frames. Dmitry will teach how to handle 3D-scenes: working with the camera, light and video editing: setting up tracking, video stabilization.

Super After Effects 2 from VideoSmile

Detailed training course on drawing three-dimensional objects, creating special effects and animated graphics. Lessons cover topics of typography, visual special effects, slide shows, video presentations, animations and interface elements, screen savers, color correction and compositing. Video course developed by practicing motion designers who worked on Hollywood blockbusters, domestic films, commercials for Apple, Adidas.

🕙 Duration: arbitrary.
💰 Cost: from 4,990 .
💵 Installment: from 1,248/month for 4 months.
✔️ Certificate: available.

Video lessons allow you to feel confident in After Effects: prepare the application to work on any project, master masks, compositing, tracking, creating animation from scratch, including shaping, spectacular video transitions and effects, text animation. You will learn how to create colorful text backgrounds in different styles, work with layers in 3D space, create 2,5D objects and backgrounds for scenes, add effects based on particles and transitions between scenes. Master cinematic color correction and grading, shooting on the green background and replacing it with live video.

Motion Design Department from GeekBrains

Training materials for the motion designer. You will learn with a tutor who will help you perfect the started projects and in groups, you will be able to communicate with your classmates and learn how to work as a team. In addition to mastering the editors, you will be helped to write your resume and given recommendations on how to pass an interview. Lessons are developed by a team of three people, experts in motion design.

🕙 Duration: 12 months.
💰 Cost: from 80,000.
💵 Installment: from 7,500/month.
✔️ Certificate: available.

Get practical skills in the main motion design editors: AE, Moi3D, Cinema 4D, Painter and others. You will learn how to adjust the interface of the applications correctly depending on the project, and get acquainted with the CG-industry, the basics of video editing and working with light. You will learn how to work with 2D and 3D scenes and objects, conduct their color correction, put in motion in different ways, deal with scene effectors and dynamics, and compositing. You will be introduced to the legal framework and told how to work with clients.

The Profession of Motion Designer in 2D and 3D by Contented

A course for people who want to animate flat and three-dimensional objects. Lessons are recorded by a team of four experts in motion design, 3D design, animation, videography, and experimental design. Closer to the end of the training you will have several online meetings with career managers, tips on where to look for a job and how to get an interview.

🕙 Duration: 9 months.
💰 Cost: from 104,000.
💵 Installment: from 8,667/month for 12 months.
✔️ Certificate: available.

After graduation you will be able to work confidently in After Effects and Cinema 4D editors, create three-dimensional animated movies, work with animation curves, master the technique of working with soft, solid objects – you will be able to create physics of virtual space. You’ll also learn how to set up lighting and work with materials to make scenes come alive. Master four types of videos: kinetic typography, advertising production, loop animation, and product video presentation.

The Motion Designer Profession from Skillbox

A long term course for newbies in design and motion design with 3 months of free training. Work builds on learning the theoretical part of the question, doing mandatory homework, and working with a mentor – consolidate knowledge and skills, and work on mistakes. The program consists of almost 480 video lessons and hundreds of thematic models. Seventeen specialists worked on the course.

🕙 Duration: 16 months.
💰 Cost: from 139 500 .
💵 Installment: from 4,500 /month.
✔️ Certificate: available.

Learn how to animate objects, create spectacular animations, intros, logos, learn the principles of creating compositions, creating realistic effects. You will be able to draw three-dimensional models and animate them, animate explosions, fluids, weather effects, realize any ideas through Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Zbrush, AE, AI.

Motion Designer in 2D and 3D from Netology

A course that not only teaches you how to work with programs, but also with ideas – influencing people’s emotions through color, movement. The course is divided into 7 modules, dedicated to working with vector and raster graphics, 3D objects, their animation, compositing, video editing and sound processing. Teachers are a team and five experts in the field of computer graphics.

🕙 Duration: 9 months.
💰 Cost: from 67,450.
💵 Installment: from 5,620/month.
✔️ Certificate: available.

You’ll learn how to draw 2D and 3D animation in five popular programs, understand the logic of its creation, work with ideas, evoke certain emotions in the audience, bring any ideas to life. Master the creation of special effects, work with chromakey, be able to edit video and process sound.

Basics of After Effects from Udemy

A short video course for those who want to master AE, will prepare for more complete courses and help in choosing a process. Author – Ilya Zernov, professional video editing director, motion designer with 10 years of experience, teaches Premier Pro and After Effects since 2013.

🕙 Duration:3 hours.
💰 Cost: from $19.99.
✔️ Certificate: available.

The author will introduce the interface and basic features of After Effects, teach you how to make simple animated videos, export the project to Premier Pro to implement animation in the captured video and adjust the rendering of the finished video