Call Recording Apps for iPhone

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Call Recording Apps for iPhone

Calls recording applications for iPhone

There are situations in everyone’s life when you just need to record a call. Entrepreneurs, for example, record business conversations over the phone, and journalists include a recording of the call so they can accurately quote the person they’re talking to in their articles. And in everyday life, you will often want to record a phone conversation, such as when you talk to a representative of a company where you have made a large purchase. The recording can also become evidence in court proceedings.
There is no built-in automatic call recording on iOS devices, so to do this, iPhone users have to look for a reliable solution that will not let them down at the most important moment. Fortunately, there are a lot of call recording apps in the App Store. In this article, we will tell you about the most popular call recording programs, their features, advantages and disadvantages.

REKK Call Recorder

REKK is an application for recording telephone conversations from a domestic developer. The solution not only records conversations, but also converts them all into text. In addition, it has the ability to create a personal account and, after recording, listen to your calls from any other device via a web browser. To avoid losing important recordings if you lose your phone, REKK can back up all your recorded files. REKK also offers the ability to share a recording of a call or text with acquaintances in any messenger.

Conversations are recorded by creating a conference call between the user, interlocutor and REKK service number. This function has to be connected with the mobile operator. It seems that recording via conference is a complicated process, however REKK has all necessary instructions so that even beginners can immediately record a conversation. What’s more, creating a conference is the only reliable way to record that gives a 100% guarantee of results.

– Detailed instructions in the app to quickly record the first call;
– easy management of recordings;
– the ability to access your recordings through a personal account;
– free trial period;
– many additional features.

– Without a conference call connection, REKK does not record phone conversations.

Recording Calls – RecMyCalls

With RecMyCalls you can quickly record any call and share it with your friends. The application interface is intuitive, call records are available immediately after the call. In addition to the function of recording phone calls the application has a built-in voice recorder for recording important conversations and voice memos. It is possible to convert your recordings into text and export transcriptions. The number of recordings is not limited by the developer. RecMyCalls is available for devices on iOS 12 and newer.

As with the first solution, you need to connect a conference call with a mobile operator here. In fact, almost all iPhone call recording solutions work with this particular service. Once you connect the service and install the app, you can record calls. The main difference from the competition is the ability to purchase a lifetime subscription, which is paid for in a one-time fee.

– Reliable call recording;
– Conversion of the call to text;
– An unlimited number of recordings;
– Export of recorded calls to other applications;
– simple interface.
– The need to connect a conference call;
– does not support older versions of the smartphone.

Call Recorder

This recorder is good because it allows you to record even very long conversations and save them in the application. Best of all, the app is free and you can record up to 10 calls a week without paying a subscription. Usually the recordings are downloaded immediately after the conversation, but if it was a dialogue longer than an hour, you have to wait until the audio file with it is downloaded. Recordings can be shared with friends in AIFF or WAV format.

The application has been tested in all major cities in Russia and Europe. To record a call you need to click on the push notification during a call, call the service number and combine the call. The recorder supports not only newer iPhone models, but also older models, starting with the iPhone 8.

– high quality recording;
– A variety of service numbers to choose the best option;
– recording both incoming and outgoing calls;
– the ability to convert the conversation to text;
– user-friendly interface, nothing unnecessary.
– a lot of complaints from users about the work of technical support;
– Required to connect the conference.

Recording iCall

iCall is ideal for business because it records all conversations and saves them in the application. Recording a call on iCall is very simple: during a call, simply press “Record” in the application. Right after the call, you can listen to the recording and share it with your colleagues. The application has a simple interface and everyone can understand it.

The recorder will be useful not only for entrepreneurs, but for everyone who needs to remember every detail of phone conversations in life, for example, teachers, journalists, lawyers. The app is paid, you need to buy a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription to access all the features.

– Fast call recording;
– The ability to share the recording;
– simple interface and clear instructions;
– responsive user support.
– The weekly subscription is one of the most expensive among competitors;
– recording is done through a conference call.

Recording Phone Calls (Neosus)

This mobile program also works via conference call. Call recording is done in a few taps, with which the user creates a conference between his number, the interlocutor, and the service number of the app recording the call. Recordings can be exported to other applications and shared with colleagues. The application is paid, you can buy a subscription for a week, a year and a month. If the subscription is not renewed, you will not be able to record new calls, but access to old records will remain.

The developer offers utilities for other purposes, such as “Document Scanner” and an application for purchasing a virtual SIM card (second number app). It is possible to buy all three programs at the same time for a better price.

– User-friendly interface without unnecessary cramming;
– The ability to store an unlimited number of records;
– Sharing the records with other devices;
– additional features.
– High subscription prices;
– the need to connect the conference.

Call Recorder – Listen

This app is much more than a regular recorder, primarily because of its advanced functionality. It records incoming and outgoing calls without any restrictions, provides high quality recordings, converts voice to text, and allows you to make voice notes in the built-in voice recorder.

To protect your call records, you can set a password to open the program. To quickly find the recording you want, simply enter the keyword you said during a call into the search box and the application will find the recording. Service number for call recording in Russia is provided by the developer, so it is definitely worth trying the software in question.

– fast call recording;
– Extended and convenient search for records;
– Support for Apple Watch;
– playback recording in the background;
– built-in voice recorder for recording voice memos.
– Subscription cost is more expensive than other recorders;
– recording via conference.

Recostar Pro

Recorstar Pro is the only solution from our list that does not require a conference call connection. You can record an outgoing or incoming call at the touch of a button. It is possible to store recordings either in the cloud or in iPhone memory. If necessary, the recording can be shared in a messenger or by email.

You can record a call using the third-party service Recostar Pro, provided by BMI Telecom. The app has no ads and is free to install, but a subscription fee is required for full access to the features.

– Doesn’t require a conference connection;
– easy to use;
– high quality of the recording;
– the ability to share the file with friends.
– there are complaints from users that the app does not always record the call;
– warns the person you are talking to about recording the call.