Apps to Record Phone Conversations on iPhone

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Apps to Record Phone Conversations on iPhone

Apps for recording phone conversations on iPhone

In different life situations we may need to record conversations: as an alternative to pen and paper, in order not to forget important information provided by the interlocutor, or, for example, as a proof in court. The iPhone does not have a built-in recording of conversations, but this can be solved by using applications specifically designed for this purpose.


Recording conversations with TypeaCall is easy: after installing the application on your smartphone and passing the registration process, you will be offered to study a reference video, telling you how to record conversations. And the point is that in the process of your communication with the interlocutor you will need to make an additional connection, connecting the TypeaCall number to the conversation, which will already be engaged in recording. Before you start using the app, you need to make sure that your operator supports the ability to merge calls (conference calls).

Among the advantages of this app is a large number of numbers for different countries and cities, which will ensure smooth communication and clean recording. Of the disadvantages, you will need to subscribe for a month or a year to get started with TypeaCall, but with a free 7-day trial period. So if you want to stop using the app after the test, don’t forget to cancel your subscription.


The operation of this app is even simpler: the point is that you simply make an Internet call through the app to the desired number, after which IntCall will be able to record it. Thus, the call will be made not through your operator but through the means of the application, but at the same time the person you are calling will see your phone number.

Unlike TypeaCall, where in order to have a possibility to record calls you have to subscribe, in IntCall there is an internal account, from which the money will be withdrawn depending on the minutes spent on the calls. To start and test the application, 30 cents will be added to the balance for free.


The main focus of the application is inexpensive calls to mobile and landline users around the world, and as a nice addition, it has the ability to record phone conversations.

Essentially, you will be making internet calls through the app: in this case, the caller can display both one of the selected virtual numbers available in the app and your real number, which has been previously confirmed (all this is set in the settings). The only free option for checking the app’s functionality is a test echo call, which can be recorded. For the full-fledged calls you will need to recharge your internal account.

Since the iPhone’s call recording feature is limited, app developers have to make the best of it in order to still provide users with this feature. Overall, each app does a great job, but none of them will record your conversations for free.